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You may have noticed that our software is rather different than most - we do not try to conform with the run-of-the-mill software - we have objectives that we consider more important.

Our goal is to produce powerful yet easy to use software that meets real people's real needs. This often means starting from a concept and building from there with careful attention paid to functionality and either ease of use or good documentation (preferably both if we can :-) Before starting Complete Software Solutions I had a number of years experience developing software that had to be powerful, yet easily used by people with a very wide variation in computer skills.

We also work hard at providing rapid response to questions about our products (and I think we often surprise people with this - especially when they ask for a new feature and by the next day we have added it).

We are an innovative software development house based in New Zealand - providing solutions world-wide. We develop some software specifically for clients. A few of the clients we have developed software for are:


The largest telecommunications company in New Zealand.


One of the largest legal firms in New Zealand.

bulletAn Educational Institution.

A library that services an area that has 1.5 Million people in the United States.


A medical centre.

We specialize in real-time and communications software.

We also produce the NakWare range of software: NookNak, NoiseNak, NfoNak, NetNak, NikNak and the business strength NoiseNakPlus. And as a result of the requirements one of us observed in their local church we developed ShowNak.


From time to time we are asked to provide consultations services to businesses. As is standard IT business practice, our rates are on a per day basis, broken down into quarter day components.


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